Part M oversight

Performing maintenance on your aircraft fleet can very costly and labour intensive, with many operators electing to carry out work at third party maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities the regulatory oversight implications of this require the operator to have a point of contact on-site.

We can provide liaison representative services to support your requirements without adversely impacting your current staffing requirements or adding to the company headcount whilst incorporating the experience vital to ensure that your maintenance check runs smoothly, on time and on budget. We understand the flow of maintenance and appreciate the array of complication that can hinder the progress, we pride ourselves on developing strong relationships and using a thorough knowledge in order to present working and practical alternatives in order to ensure the progress is per your plan. We are able to quickly and reliably review the additional manhour charges presented over and above the contracted workscope to ensure they are fair and within an acceptable range.

In order to provide this service, we rely on having a robust overview of your companies expectations as well as access to your associated departments, clear lines of communication to your planners and logistics and importantly to the key decision makers.

If you wish to discuss your upcoming projects and engaging our technical services in a liaison representative capacity please contact us.